Prestbury Parish Defibrillator

The first Parish Council defibrillator has been moved from the side of the Village Stores to the Prestbury Playing Field.

Defibrillator location

The Parish Council is looking at other locations within the Parish where a second defibrillator may be placed.  Additionally, there are other defibrillators within the parish already and the Parish Council will be working with other sites to establish if we can have a co-ordinated approach to defibrillator provision.

In the event of somebody believing that a defibrillator may needed, upon ringing 999, the emergency services will advise on the location of the closest available defibrillator and the access code.

3 thoughts on “Prestbury Parish Defibrillator

  1. May I suggest that the parish council apply to the relevant authorities to put up lots of green defibrillator location signs on lampposts and public buildings, as well as encourage local businesses and even residents to display them in their windows. Also to ensure that those signs that are already up be updated with the new location. With regards to the location of a second defibrillator in Prestbury, may I suggest the High Street, e.g. the front of one of the stores, the church, or the King’s Arms, and this time, not directly in front of a parking space?

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      Prestbury Parish Council

      Official response from Prestbury Parish Council:

      Thank you for your comments.

      It is the responsibility of the person/organisation that owns the defibrillator to advertise its presence. Defibrillators are provided by a number of different suppliers and they are not regulated.

      Having said that, the Parish Council is working to understand how many defibrillators there are in the parish and where they are located and, once established, will seek to publish this information on our website, and in buildings where the owners may wish to do this.

      With regards to the location of defibrillators in the parish – the original position of the defibrillator was chosen as the High Street is in a conservation area and the Planning Department of Cheltenham Borough Council did not permit a bright green box being visible on the main street, as it felt that this would detract from the smart scene appearance. This defibrillator has now been moved to the Prestbury Playing Field. The Parish Council is investing in a second defibrillator. We are seeking professional advice on the location which will be in an area of the parish where there is currently no defibrillator.

      We will be obtaining an on-line training video from one of our defibrillator suppliers and will seek to make this available on our website (subject to any restrictions from the provider).

  2. Would the WI be prepared to host the defibrillator as a more central village position on the lawn in front of their hall?

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