Allotment Committee

Allotment Committee

The Prestbury Parish Council allotments are located on Blacksmith’s Lane.

The Allotment Committee handles running the allotments on behalf of the Parish Council. There are five Parish Councillor members, two Allotment Representative members, the Parish Clerk and the Parish Council’s Groundsman attends in an advisory capacity.

Allotment Representatives are tenants who act as liaison between all the other tenants and the Parish Council.

There are 154 allotment plots. Unlike a lot of allotment sites the Prestbury plots are not all rectangular and they vary in size. For renting they are classed as Half and Full – however there are “big halfs” and “small fulls”, and some have interesting shapes. See plot-map

This photograph shows the site looking north from the school end.

Photo Courtesy Cllr H. Breach

Aerial photo of allotment site

Allotments can be rented. If you would like to join the waiting list please read the Allotment Terms & Conditions and then complete the Application Form There is currently an approximately two year waiting list (depends on turn over of course). Priority is given to Prestbury Parish residents, however people living within a mile of the Parish boundary may also apply to be put on the list.

Plot Rent/year for 2023-2024 Half plot £33, Full plot £51

Minutes of Allotment Committee meetings can be found under the ParishCouncil>Documents tab

Allotment Committee Terms of Reference