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Governmentwho does what?

Three councils are responsible for local services, with decisions made by elected councillors. We’ve highlighted some of the services each council is responsible for:

Allotments, play areas, playing fields (including MUGA, tennis court and football pitch booking), parks and green spaces (e.g. Robson Field, Barley Road Public Open Space), war memorial.

Housing & homelessness, rubbish and recycling collection, planning, health & wellbeing, dog wardens, car parks, museums and leisure centres, antisocial behaviour, food safety.

Prestbury Ward Councillors Mr John Payne  and Mr Ian Bassett-Smith

Roads, social services/social care, safeguarding children and adults, public transport, some schools (not Academies), libraries, the fire service, recycling centres.

Cheltenham: Pittville and Prestbury Division Councillor Cllr. Stephan Fifield

In addition, the Police and Crime Commissioner is responsible for meeting the policing needs of our communities.

  • Westminster Constituencies (covering Prestbury Parish area)

Constituency: Tewkesbury County Mr Laurence Robertson MP

Constituency: Cheltenham Borough Mr Alex Chalk MP

Constituency map from Ordnance Survey rather a useful map, various political boundaries can be overlaid

Local Groups and Organisations

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