Volunteers needed – update

We have had a large number of people contact us following our ‘Call for Volunteers’ – many thanks for such a positive response.  It looks like we have sufficient numbers.

We are now collating this information.

The next stage is to seek to identify people who made need assistance, clarify their needs and working with other agencies to coordinate how we provide support.

We will be contacting those volunteers who have been signed up as soon as possible.

The Parish Council is looking compile a list of volunteers who may be able to provide support in the Prestbury area during the current Corona virus situation.

Volunteer  drivers will be required for delivery of essential foods and drugs.  Please email me your contact details and where you live and we will compile a list.

We are in discussions with the Pharmacy, Village Store and Waghorne’s the Butchers at the moment.

In addition, please can you raise this with your neighbours and friends and let me know of individuals who may require assistance.

Simon Dove, Parish Clerk

01242 575129