Prestbury Planters – update & plant sales news

Prestbury Planters Banner no1Last year I was on a mission to set up a group of people who wanted, as I did, to improve the local area. We met and called ourselves Prestbury Planters.

Our first objective was to purchase some large roadside planters to brighten the village with longer term goals of perhaps a community orchard or community allotment. With the help of Prestbury Parish Council (PPC) who applied for funding from Gloucestershire County Council three large ‘self watering’ planters were purchased. Permission had to be sought from Gloucesterhire Highways to site these. The Jockey Club undertook to water the planters during the summer months.

PPC granted Prestbury Planters money to purchase the initial plants and compost. Fundraising was undertaken to raise money for future planting. The planters were installed in July and planted up with colourful displays. A team of volunteers maintains each planter. The Spring planting is now beginning to show colour.

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Prestbury Planters banner 2The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) runs a scheme called ‘It’s your Neighbourhood’ which encourages community involvement in improving the local environment. Prestbury Planters has joined this scheme. The regional representative, Mark Wiltshire, is available to give advice and a judge will come to visit the project to assess the achievements and to offer further advice. It is not a competition but could lead to competing in Heart of England in Bloom and Britain in Bloom. IYN has 3 core pillars;

  • Community Participation,
  • Environmental Responsibility and
  • Gardening Achievement.

These are all goals we as a community would want to aim for.

The Parish Council litter picking project and Prestbury Open Gardens will contribute to our goals. Let’s all work together to make Prestbury a brighter and cleaner place to live and a more active community.

For more information or to get involved please email:

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