FixMyStreet – how to report common street problems ….

….without needing to know which Council or department to get in touch with.

It can be confusing and frustrating trying to report a common street problem as it’s not always easy to find out who is responsible for different things – County/Borough/Parish council or someone else!

is a website for reporting common street problems like potholes, broken streetlights and dog fouling to your local council.

What is FixMyStreet and how does it work?

  • It is run by the UK charity mySociety, and was launched in 2007.
  • It covers all of the UK.
  • The great thing is, you don’t need to know who’s responsible for fixing your problem. You just put a pin on a map, and FixMyStreet sends your report to the right council.
  • Problems are also published on the FixMyStreet website, so you can browse your local area and see what the prevalent problems are ­and what’s been fixed.
  • You can also upload a photo to help show what the issue is.
  • Once you’ve sent your report, it goes straight to the council, who will get back in touch with you directly.