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At the Prestbury Parish Council meeting on Monday 9th November 2020 councillors were made aware that Cheltenham Borough Council, the owners of Idsall Drive car park off Prestbury High Street, have been reviewing the car park as an asset that will be sold.

At the meeting there were very strong feelings that the loss of the car park would be highly detrimental to the social and economic wellbeing of Prestbury especially the survival of our local shops that support our community so well.

The Parish Council has written to Cheltenham Borough Council expressing their concerns and asking that the Borough Council engage with the Parish Council to determine a survival plan for the car park.

If you wish to make any comments please email the Parish Clerk using the Contact Us form (to the left of this page) as soon as possible.

For further background please read open letter from Cheltenham Borough Councillor for Prestbury – Cllr. John Payne

8 thoughts on “Idsall Drive Car Park

  1. There is no common sense reason to close the Idsall Drive car park it is not only an essential part of Prestbury village but keeps parking away from the double yellow lines in the High Street and all the traffic problems that are caused as a result. Parking in Prestbury is limited at best and the closure of this car park will lead to more cars parking in Mill Lane which is a narrow residential road.
    The car park is well used and it’s closure will cause a great deal of inconvenience to a number of local residents and visits alike.

  2. This car park is a vital amenity to support the shops for the local community, given the lack of parking on the main road.

  3. As a former trader in the village I feel well qualified to comment on the loss of the car park. It was created partially because of the loss of the Kings Arms car parking which effectively decimated customer flow overnight to the demise of local shops etc. Whilst the car park is a great help it is providing a lifeline to ailing businesses ( those that have survived) and ,if lost,could precipitatate a catastrophic collapse of a truly essential historic part of Prestbury. The use of the Kings Arms car park cannot be relied upon as a facility for the village when it is dependent on the goodwill of its owners. Please don’t allow decisions to be made by people who have no empathy with what the village is about.

  4. It might seem like easy cash for Cheltenham Borough Council to sell off the car park. however, losing the car park will inevitably have a negative impact on the village and the community will be extremely negative.

    As the only council car park in the centre of the village Isdall Drive provides valuable off-road parking for visitors and those wishing to use the butcher, barbers, village store, hair dresser and the pharmacy.

    Since the eat out to help out campaign was introduced the car park at The Kings Head has been full most Monday, Tuesdays and Wednesdays meaning that the only off-road parking was at Idsall Drive. This demonstrates a clear need for the council run car park.

  5. Closure of the Idsall Drive car park would also result in serious congestion and illegal parking throughout the village every time the church held a well attended service for weddings, funerals, Christmas, Easter, carols and school services. It would also exacerbate the problem during the festival and for Cotswold walking groups that currently make use of the car park.

  6. This proposal is a further threat to local community life in Prestbury. If money is the issue surely it would be better to charge for parking in this much needed parking facility.

    I have a mobility problem and rely on local amenities. This proposed closure would seriously compromise my life and that of many others.

  7. Avatar for Council

    Patience Tatham-Losh

    Surely the financial gain for the Council is not significant enough to allow this? Where do they propose the shop visitors park then? The nearby roads are not suitable for additional parking and there is a risk of elderly residents not being able to access the shops safely. Please see sense and support what remains of the village stores – we treasure our local stores and they have seen us through some very difficult times.

  8. The car park is an essential part of our village community. So many of us rely on our local shops and businesses but in order for them to survive they need regular trade. Customers need to be able to park safely in order to access these businesses. Without a safe place to park drivers will use the already congested residential streets or not visit at all.

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